For most of us, buying a house

will be one of the bigger financial commitments we will make in our lifetime.

So, before you agree to buy what you think might be your dream house, you need to consider your long-term plans. Here are some things to consider.

First, neighborhood. Many market research have shown that buyers often rank quality of neighborhood as the most important consideration when choosing a place to live, especially those with a family. Is it clean? Is it safe? Is it family-friendly? How is the level of services available in this neighborhood? The reason is simple, an outdated kitchen or bathroom can always be renovated, but neighborhood is more difficult to change. So make sure that you buy a home in a location that’s right for you and your family.

Second, location. How strategic is it? How is the access? Is it near major roads or public transportation? How is the traffic? Is the area vibrant or bustling? Is it flood prone? How far is it to the workplace? What are the future development plan of the area? These are all important considerations that will determine quality of life.

Third, facilities. Good and complete facilities near where you live will ensure comfort and convenience, especially if they are within short distance. Does it have a good school, hospital, shops or shopping center, gym, park, or playground nearby? Can you reach all of them within reasonable length of them, especially when you are extremely busy or in a hurry?

With Jakarta becoming more crowded and land starved, these kinds of development are increasingly rare to find within the city. Most people now live in the surrounding suburbs, spending longer time commuting to workplace, while less and less time for family or relaxation. Life becoming ever more stressful and quality of life starts to decrease.

But what if you can strike a balance between living within the city while also having access to green surroundings, safe neighborhood, the most convenient access and the best of facilities?

Puri Botanical Garden is envisioned to give you just that. Imagine taking your family out for a walk or picnic in the park or playground during the weekend without having to travel far to Bogor or other natural destinations. Or have a morning exercise while breathing fresh air and indulging yourself in the relaxing view of the greenery.

Talk to our sales representative now or visit our marketing gallery today to know how you can make Puri Botanical your dream home.

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