Puri Botanical does not want to become another concrete jungle

From the beginning, it has been designed as a property that embraces nature and becomes one with it.

This has led to a vision for an eco-friendly and energy-efficient development that features the sustainable and green architecture concept, in step with the market trend and consumers preference.

The most prominent of this endeavor would be the inclusion of a sprawling 6-ha botanical garden as part of its development. It also has many open green spaces with lush vegetation, tree-lined boulevard, walkways and cycling paths, as well as shady playground for the kids. While situated within a city, the atmosphere is unmistakably one of a modern yet idyllic country village.

The smooth and seamless integration between the indoor and outdoor is a key theme and function of Puri Botanical’s modern tropic architecture which adapts to Jakarta’s hot and humid climate, achieved by creating an open space that allows interaction between the buildings and the garden. Tall ceilings allow natural light to flood in while spacious, airy interior lets the breeze ventilates through the entire home. Roofs also come with solar panels that supply energy to the house.

Designed as an inviting, refreshing, and functional place to call home, Puri Botanical is a modern residence that promotes living in harmony with the natural environment, with an emphasis on simplicity and understated luxury, both in its exterior and interior. Units in its clusters come with ample space and facilities under the concept of a home blended with nature.

Modern, innovative and eco-friendly, some clusters feature sky terrace, outdoor living room, open air garden, and even private botanical garden so the residents can live in perfect harmony with nature. Puri Botanical aims to become a green urban sanctuary for every generation who can cherish every memorable experiences living here and lead a high quality life with their loved ones.

In addition to green design, Puri Botanical also aims to become an energy-efficient project that seeks to save energy and water, better manage its waste and generate low or neutral carbon emission. The developer strongly believes that green construction will contribute to environmental sustainability of the area. This, in turn, will increase the asset value of the property as energy-efficient homes typically have longer lifecycles, lower maintenance fees and cost less to operate, thus making it more attractive to prospective buyers or investors.

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