With its fast-rising popularity,

land values around the Joglo district have grown by leaps and bounds..

benefitting from a new, large scale luxury project which has sprung up in the area. Puri Botanical CBD is a landmark 34-ha mixed-used mega project that combines landed residences, resort apartments, green lifestyle facilities, iconic skyscrapers, a resort hotel, luxury condominiums, a green office park and shopping arcade. It is the much touted future CBD of West Jakarta.

Set to become a popular hub for the well-heeled upper middle class, Puri Botanical CBD sits amid a fast-growing neighborhood that is commercially vibrant and ecologically friendly, creating a unique combination of urban dynamism with the peaceful ambience of a natural surroundings. Here one can enjoy its plentiful facilities like shopping malls, shops, hospitals, schools, sports club, and many more while still living close to nature.

With the relentless urbanization, it is now difficult to find prime land plots for redevelopment, especially within the city of Jakarta. Puri Botanical is built on the probably the last, single largest piece of land in the city. The lack of land supply means that the prices of prime land in the CBD will continue to rise, which will be a tremendous investment opportunity for property owners, promising high yield potential with investment value expected to increase manifold in the near future.

In addition to its superb access to major thoroughfares and toll road (JORR W2), all the best facilities and amenities are within a short distance for people staying and working in the area. Convenience and comfort are the perks that come from living in the Puri Botanical CBD, an interesting landscape featuring an integrated development of hotels, retail, residential and offices which is perfectly situated in a tried and trusted location with high-quality tenants.

Puri Botanical integrated mixed-use development is spearheaded by Jakarta Setiabudi International, a highly reputable developer with decades of experience and good track record. With the development of the Puri Botanical CBD in fast track, the developer’s vision is to eventually transform the area into a prime business and residential district is rapidly transformed into reality.

The ongoing CBD development is testament to its strong commitment toward the completion of the prestigious project in the not-so-distant future so people can invest with peace of mind. It’s a golden investment opportunity not to be missed.

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